What Are the Benefits of Using a Natural Body Lotion?

When you're choosing a moisturiser, you're aiming to soften and nourish your skin. While there are lots of products out there, if you're seeking gentle results, you may want to consider using a natural body lotion. With fewer chemicals, they're kind to your skin, while delivering the same results as their man-made counterparts. Understanding more about their benefits may help you decide whether you want to add one to your beauty routine.

They contain skin-nourishing vitamins

Natural body lotions tend to place more emphasis on vitamins. For example, vitamins E and C. Vitamin C promote better collagen production, which is the main protein that supports your skin and keeps it looking young. Vitamin E works towards blocking the free radicals you encounter in everyday environments. As such, it helps your skin retain a healthy glow. In addition, some may contain ingredients such as omega-3, which is a healthy and moisturising fat that also helps to reduce inflammation.

You enhance your skin's protective nature

While your body does have some processes that allow the skin to self-moisturise, sometimes it needs a little help. Regularly moisturising makes your skin softer, which reduces the risk of abrasions and dry skin. As such, your skin continues to act as a protective barrier and there are fewer opportunities for bacteria to make its way into your body to cause an infection.

You may reduce the risk of a local allergic reaction

While non-natural body lotions will still moisturise, they tend to contain more manmade chemicals. As such, there's a higher risk that they'll cause a local allergic reaction. This may result in symptoms such as dry skin, itching, swelling, and pain, which defeats the point of using a moisturiser in the first place. Sticking to natural ingredients reduces the risk of this happening and is especially beneficial if you have an ongoing skin condition, such as dermatitis.

It's an eco-friendly option

On the topic of manmade chemicals, such substances are more likely to have a negative environmental impact than their natural counterparts. Such chemicals can enter the air and the water and may cause damage to local ecosystems. In contrast, natural body lotions usually benefit from organic manufacturing processes. As such, fewer chemicals enter the environment, making them a kinder option for the world around you.

Whether you're interested in using Shea butter or are enticed by coconut oil, there are lots of reasons to turn to a natural body lotion.