Practical Guidelines on Storing Your Nail Polish for Optimal Longevity

Good nail polishes are long-lasting, but they do not have an unlimited shelf life. Often, after a certain period, the lacquer will become lumpy, sticky and unusable. However, you should note that the exact lifespan after purchase will depend on your storage practices. If the bottles of polish are placed in adverse conditions, the degradation of the product will be accelerated. Therefore, here are some guidelines on the best practices for nail polish storage.

Avoid Placement in Sunlight 

You should never place your nail polish bottles in direct sunlight. The exposure to the solar energy will promote the accelerated discolouration of the lacquer and fading of the original hue. Moreover, the sunshine is accompanied by temperature increase which can cause hardening of the material. In general, you should look for a cool place to store the beauty products. For instance, you should consider investing in drawers, boxes or racks in your room. Avoid using the bathroom because this space experiences frequent changes in temperature and humidity.

Place the Bottles Upright

If you are an avid collector of nail polish, you might be tempted to throw everything into a basket. While this might seem like a convenient space-saving solution, it can be an expensive mistake. Often, when you do this, the bottles will end up on their side or upside down. The lacquer will flow to the lid and the threads. Typically, the polish will dry around the neck, cementing the cap. If you cannot manage to open the product later, replacement might be essential. Therefore, you should take time to organise the bottles in an upright position. 

Avoid Using the Fridge

Some individuals store their nail polish in the refrigerator to preserve it and prolong the lifespan. This choice is considered advantageous because the cool temperature will slow down the discolouration. Moreover, the same conditions will prevent the evaporation of the product-solvent. Unfortunately, the cold storage is not as perfect as the assumption. The low temperature causes the fluid to thicken since the polish is already quite viscous. The increased thickness will make the polish unusable on the nails, necessitating premature replacement.

Purchase Some Thinner

Nail polish can lose its natural texture and flow which makes application easy even if you practice proper storage practices. Therefore, you should have some solvent at hand to restore the original consistency for easy application. Polish thinners are available from suppliers of beauty products. When the polish becomes thick, pour in a few drops of thinner and roll for optimal results.